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帮忙写英语作文 小区养宠物 1对人们养宠物的看法2...

Pets for us, is a company, such as on the one hand, said a person at home, but others life is very full, so you don't need to.On the other hand, some people love pets, and some people don't like pets.So they can be like don't like.

In my opinion, raising pets in the school is not good.There are some reasons.School is the place for learning. If having pets in the school, the pets will certainly attract the attention of the studen

My View on Keeping PetsNowadays, many families have a dog or a cat as a pet. Some people think that pets are good and helpful companies. Some of them even go so far as saying that animals are as good as humans, and their rights should be

My views on keeping petsAs we all know,pets have already been a part of peolpe's .We should be friends of the earth intead of the people do damage to it.Being friends


Many people like keeping pets now, because they can give people pleasure. For children, pets are their good friends. For old people, pets are like their children. Without their children living with them, they feel lonely and want a pet. Some young

Many people like to keep a kind of annimal as a pet ,such as dogs,cats,birds,and so on .They put so great enthusiasm on them that some pets are treated like their family members. A good relationship between people and pets can be very

I think it is good for us to have a pet .First ,a pet can make us not feel alone.second, It is very helpful for people to know animals ,At last ,people will make our earth a peaceful place to live in .so ,I hold that People can keep a pet for fun.

许多人喜欢样一种动物作为宠物,如狗,猫,鸟,等等.他们把极大的热情,使他们的一些宠物一样对待他们的家庭成员. 一个良好的关系,人与宠物可以非常舒适.他们忠于观众的你,而你有不能告诉其他任何人.他们常会有的孤独感,治愈你的疼痛,让渴望的心恢复和平与无罪推定,一些宠物甚至可以帮助治疗一些心理疾病.这是的饲养动物的优势. 然而,宠物往往是昂贵的,养活他们甚至会花费更多.太多的资金花在宠物或多或少有点不当,而有这么多饥民在这个国家. 一些危险的宠物是一个威胁,他们的所有者,甚至一只狗有时会攻击人,事情可能更糟,如果他们携带.这是一些致命的缺点保持宠物. !

我喜爱的宠物(My Favorite Pet) I have a dog. He is my favorite pet. He is very lovely. His name is Peter and he is two years old. His fur is long and white. He has big black eyes. His nose is very good. He can smell very well. He is quite small. He

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