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Celine Dion(席琳.迪翁) let's talk about loveevery where i go all the places that i`ve beenevery smile is a new horizonon a land i`ve never seenthere are people around the worlddifferent faces,defferent namesbut that`s one true emotionthat

歌手:jem 专辑:龙骑士 one in every lifetime]龙骑士]artist: jem song: one in every lifetime it's time to move out of the darkness use what feel inside your faith alone will guide you feel the turning tide it's in your heart it's in your soul don't be scared,

歌曲:everyone歌手:backstreet boyswe've been through days of thundersome people say they don't belongthey try to put us underbut can we stand together and a million strong?let's get on with the show (let's get started)turn the lights down low (

歌手:beach boys 专辑:15 big ones Time: 2:44Mike LoveEveryone's in love with youBut you can't fall in love with anyoneStill everyone's in love with youThough you can't fall in love with only oneBeach BoysSo many people have had a love

歌曲:everyone 歌手:backstreet boys歌曲:everyone 歌手:mr.你试一试,看看是不是这首?

你好 你说的应该是《飞向别人的床》

歌曲名:为生命喝彩 歌手:韩红 专辑:北京2008年奥运会歌曲专辑☆为生命喝彩☆ 词曲:小柯 演唱:韩红&羽泉 开始静静听 远方的呼唤 撑起一柄帆 赶快来到我的身边 传说中的你 从来都不曾遥远 从此在一起 肩并着肩 Come on together We

歌曲:every body 歌手:backstreet boys 专辑:天籁村 [ti:every body] [ar:backstreet boys] [al:天籁村] 请问这两句是接在一起的吗

sarah connor 的every moment of my lifeSarah Connor - Every Moment Of My Life莎拉康娜生命中的每一刻Everytime I leave to head out on the road每次当我上路I wanna take you with me to save me from the cold都想与你同去,让我风寒无

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