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there are three people in my family:my father,my mother and i.my father likes eggs,noodles and apples for breakfast. my mother likes eggs,soup and milk. i iike eating bread,milk and fruit! we usually have french fries,chicken,tomatoes,rice and

healthy food is good for us. for breakfast, i like eggs and fruit. what fruit do you like for breakfast? i love apples and bananas best, but i don't like pears. for lunch, i have rice, chicken and carrots. i love hamburgers, but i don't eat them much. for dinner,

一下两篇均符合你的要求,可以根据难度系数选择一篇 1、I am a middle school student. I usually have breakfast at home. My mother cooks breakfast for me everyday. I like egg and milk, but I prefer bread. I have lunch at school. I often eat beef and

jim has breakfast at about seven. he usually has milk and eggs. for lunch he likes hamburgers and chichen.sometimes he has some rice and vegetables.he has lunch at school from monday to friday. after school he goes home. so he always has

I'm XXX,I eat bread and milk in the morning,because it is very healthy.At noon I like to eat chicken,hamburgers and rice,they are so tasty.In the evening,I like to eat some fruit,I eat strawberry,banana and apple,because I don't want to get fat.This is my

你的来信我已经收到,你在信中写的,现在开始要注意合理饮食,多吃鱼,豆类,肉,特别是新鲜水果,还有不要吃太多的甜食! I've received your letter, you write the letter, now begin to notice reasonable diet, eat more fish, beans, meat,

Eating is an important part of our life. A good eating habit can make our body keep healthy and strong .Now,let me tell you about my eating habit in my daily life . In the morning,I often eat some piece of bread or eggs ,and then drink a bottle of milk.

I ofen have milk and eggs for breakfast.I think it's good for us.I like to have vegetables,fish,chicken,and a bowl of rice for lunch.I like fish very much,because it's very healthy and delicious for me.I usually have noddles or jiaozi for supper.Sometimes I

There are three people in my family:My father,my mother and I.My father likes eggs,noodles and apples for breakfast. My mother likes eggs,soup and milk. I Iike eating bread,milk and fruit! We usually have French fries,chicken,tomatoes,rice and

我早上吃的是面包和牛奶.然后去上学.中午回来吃的是面条.晚上回来吃的是大盘鸡.这就是我的一日三餐: I eat bread and milk in the morning.Then go to school.Come back at noon to eat the noodles.Come back at night to eat is a big chicken.This is my three meals a day

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