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困难的英语单词:difficulty 读音:英 ['dfklti] 美 ['dfklti] n. 困难;争议;麻烦 词汇搭配:1、avoid difficulty 回避困难2、cause a difficulty 出难题,制造麻烦3、clear away difficulty 扫除困难4、clear up a difficulty 排除困难 常见句型:

帮助 n. assistance v. assist 短语:give sb a hand offer assistance

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poor 贫困,有时也形容某些方面贫乏,比如:There are many needy families in our village.我们村里有很多贫困家庭

困难[kùn nan]difficulty; hard; straitened circumstances; trouble;

困难的英语单词是difficulty,详细信息如下:difficulty英 [dfklti] 美 [dfklti, -kl-] n.难度;困难,麻烦,难事;异议,争论,纠葛;财政困难,(经济)拮据例句:you have to admit that you are, in fact, in difficulties 你不得不承认,你事实上是陷入了困境.

一.代替词1.穷poor 可以用needyimpoverished poverty-stricken 代替 2.幸福:happiness = cheerfulness =well-being 3.青少年:young people = youngsters =youths = adolescents 4.优点:advantage = merits = supe

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