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谁有TAkE mE to thE sky的歌词呀,拜托了


歌手:拉拉宝宝 歌曲:Take me to your sky 下载Take me to your sky到手机 看宁静的夜空 想着你在发呆 就像个无助小孩 这夜晚没有色彩 我傻傻地等待 等待你说的爱 当初感觉没消失 活在有你的地带 爱像云彩无处不在 风吹过来雨落下来 take

always knew that one day they'd try to bring me down wooow, one day, they tried to bring me down always knew that one day, they'd try to bring me down dooown, way down we gon' last today, we have to pray besides what the pastor say, i have to

胡彦斌 宣言英文版 名称Take Me To The Sky

hiding from the rain and snowtrying to forget but i won't let golooking at a crowded streetlistening to my own heart beatso many people all around the worldtell me where do i find someone like you girltake me to your heart take me to your soulgive me

胡彦斌唱的(2004亚洲杯主题歌英文版) i love the sun it makes my heart on fire let me let me flying over the sky i love the rain it makes me feel sorrow make me make me dare to fight dare to love pretty crush on me brightness of lovelove is the life

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是Take Me To The Sky(2004亚洲杯主题歌英文版)]

I don't know how to make a stop [x3]Nooooooo no noooIv got a phobiaWhen it come to heightsEven if it's a first class flightAnd there's a keepI never really like to climbIf you push me hard on this swingThen iv cryIf I had a dream that I was flyinNd I

歌曲:To the Sky演唱:Owl City所属专辑:《To the Sky》《To the Sky》是电影《猫头鹰王国:守卫者传奇》的主题曲.Owl City乐队然成员只有Adam Young他自己,他把自己的乐队命名为猫头鹰城市.歌词(原文)Shipwreck in the sea of

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