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我喜爱的宠物(my favorite pet) i have a dog. he is my favorite pet. he is very lovely. his name is peter and he is two years old. his fur is long and white. he has big black eyes. his nose is very good. he can smell very well. he is quite small. he weighs

Keeping Pets(养宠物)_Men have kept pets since ancient times. We can see from discoveries in the pyramids in Egypt and from scenes on decorated wall-coverings of European castles that our ancestors were as in-terested in pets as we are.

It can encourage a child to feel accountability and help to develop a conscience and sense of responsibility, because the child feel that feeding and taking care of a pet is his

Pets are our friends. it is a member of the family. My mother has two pet dogs, she takes good care of them everyday: feed them, wash them, talk to them and hug them. In winter, she makes trendy clothes for them. When they are ill, she takes them to

精品文档 养宠物建议英语作文 Around 20 days long teeth. In 4~ 6 weeks of age of milk teeth long qi. Nearly February age mastodon all long Qi, white, thin and sharp. 2 ~ April age

Nowadays, many families have a dog or a cat as a pet. Some people think that pets are good and helpful companies. Some of them even go so far as saying that animals are as good as humans, and their rights should be respected .Senior citizens

Keeping pets has become a trend in today's world. There are many reasons why people keep pets. For instance, they might want some company, or are just animal lovers. Kids also often love pets are they can play with them. Also, pets such as


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