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一首英文歌,里面有段渐强的,歌词有很多i know you

正确歌词:I knew you were trouble when you walked in,So shame on me now 歌名:I Knew You Were Trouble 歌手:Taylor Swift 歌词: Once upon a time a few mistakes ago 以前,当一切都没有错误的时候 I was in your sights, you got me...

王若琳 lost in paradise I know that it might sound strange But you made my seasons start to change It happened so suddenly Like heaven has waited up for me I've just been looking so long Kept meeting my Mr.Wrong In every model ...

nickelback的 far away This time, This place 这个时间 这个地点 Misused, Mistakes 浪费和误解 Too long, Too late 太长的时间 太晚了 Who was I to make you wait 是我让你等了太久 Just one chance 只有一次机会 Just one breath 只有一次呼...

我知道你说的这个歌,很欢快,歌名是hit or miss

是不是mika的boom boom boom

是Demi的新歌吗?? Demi Lovato - Heart Attack 两段唱完後有一个渐强的高音的~ 你看看是不是.. 百度一下就有了,

你要找的是这首歌吧, Jennifer Paige - Crush,这歌挺好听的,是珍妮弗.佩姬在2015年发行的歌曲。你去搜一下,看看跟你描述的是不是一首歌。

remember the name

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