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一首英文DJ舞曲,歌词有一句是:tAkE mE to thE sk...

胡彦斌唱的(2004亚洲杯主题歌英文版) i love the sun it makes my heart on fire let me let me flying over the sky i love the rain it makes me feel sorrow make me make me dare to fight dare to love pretty crush on me brightness of lovelove is the life

是Take Me To The Sky(2004亚洲杯主题歌英文版)]

歌曲:Befour - Disco听听是不是你要找的歌名正确了百度一下就可以找到歌词

..歌名就是你问的这个 酷狗搜听:网络歌手Take Me To The Disco


这首歌是 Daddy DJ,非常肯定.歌词如下: Daddy DJ, please take me to the party And let me dance along, until the lights are on You leave me once again home alone The fridge is full but my heart is achin' You think I can make it on my own Just a


你说的应该是aerosmith的the other side

One Minute歌手:Krewella专辑:《Play Hard EP》

是take me to your heart 把

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