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[The other day],an [interpreter] who [is dying to] [participate] in [voluntary] [donations],[heard from] a radio that the victims in the flood [fortnight] ago are desperately [in need] of food,[otherw

6. Few could afford the luxury. 很少有人买得起这种奢侈品.7. We can afford a car. 我们买得起一辆小汽车.8. The records afford no explanation. 这记录没有任何说明.9. She cannot afford the expense. 她花不起这笔钱.10. Could we afford a holiday? 有没有钱去度一次假?

young people with ambition造句They are young people with ambition.他们是有抱负的年轻人.满意请及时采纳,谢谢

我随便写咯 my ambition is to be an interpreter.我的理想(志向)是成为一名翻译.方式:my ambition is to + be + 一种职业

1.to juggle with balls 用球玩把戏 2.She likes to juggle ideas. 她爱动脑筋. 3.If you juggle with your accounts, you'll get into trouble. 你要是在帐目上做手脚,你可要遇到麻烦了. 4.The accountant went to prison for juggling his firm's accounts. 会计因涂改公司的帐目而入狱.

i finally have an opportunity to cooperate with you .我终于有机会和你合作了

Conversation is one of the pleasures of life. 聊天是人生的乐趣之一. He is studying in an English conversation course. 他正在学习英语会话课程.. 以上结束..

1 he's not very friendly to newcomers.他对新来的人不太友善.2 the people there are very friendly to us.那儿的人们对我们很友好.3 i have some good friends, . they are friendly to me.我有一些好朋友.他们对我都很好.4 mr. wang is a good


1.popularShe is a popular girl. 她是一个招人喜欢的姑娘.收起更多词典 2.moderateHe holds moderate opinions. 他的意见稳健不偏激. 3.strengthenWe should strengthen administrative management. 我们应加强行政管理. 4.urgentSomething

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