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process of walking Process n. 步骤,程序;方法;【律】 传票;【生,剖】 端突,突起 v. 对…进行加工 Military operations could jeopardize the peace process. 军事行动可能危害和平进程。 The various stages in processing the wool. 羊...

走通流程 英语 Go through proceduresA walk through the process

走通流程 Through flow 流程flow; procedure; flow path; the distance of the flow water; technological process

翻译如下 走建档流程 Performing the process of setting up a file

他们可以立即签合同并走付款流程如果这个房间还有。 They can immediately sign a contract and take the payment process if this room is still available.

2、Contract List:准确记录并时时更新合同信息; accurately record and update the contract information 3、Sales Quota Achievement的计算, 每月月初向副总汇报其结果; Sales quota Acievement calcualtion and report to vice GM at the ...

关于贵公司反应的此类货物丢失的事件我希望按照正常的流程走 Reaction on your company lost events I hope these goods in accordance with the normal process

1)考察公司可信度、专业性,并测试翻译效果; 2)谈价格、签合同; 3)下定金;

陶醉的字眼,创造出了人类五彩斑斓的生活.爱的世界到处充满了阳光和色彩,我们很 难想象如果这个世界没有了爱,那将会是多么的可怕. 爱会给生活创造出无限广阔的天空.沐浴在爱的阳光里,我们就可以把冷漠变成亲切,把仇恨变成宽容 . 在生活中,我们确...

head account 职员数

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