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complain about sth 抱怨某事 complain to sb 想某人抱怨 complain that+从句 抱怨某事

relate to sth 和某事相关 relate to someone 和某人和睦相处,理解某人

surprise sb. in the act 冷不防地当场抓住了某人 capture sb. by surprise 出其不意地俘获某人 be taken by surprise 冷不防被吓一跳, 出其不意地攻击 spring a surprise on sb.使某人大吃一惊 in surprise 惊奇地 to one's great surprise 使某人非常惊奇的是 to the surprise of 令非常吃惊的是 surprise(sb.)into (doing sth.) 出其不意地使(某人做某事) surprise(sth.)from [out of] (sb.) 出其不意地使(某人)说出(某事)

compete against表示“与…对抗” compete for表示“夺取…” compete with表示“对…抗争”.

operation cooperation 再看看别人怎么说的.

+at/about/for/of 表对什么高兴+to-v 乐意做某事 vt使高兴

be annoyed with sb. for sth.对(某人)为(某事)而生气be annoyed with sb. at sth.对(某人)为(某事)而生气

act out 实践,实行;演示,表演,比划着表达all out 竭尽全力 back out不遵守(诺言、合约等)break out 逃出,突然发生,爆发 break out into 长出(嫩芽等);迸发出 breathe out呼出,低声说出bring out 使出现,公布,出版burn out 烧掉 burst

impress sb(with sth) 给人留下xx的印象 impress sb that 令人称赞;令人尊重 impress sth on/upon sb 使某人清楚某事的重要性

combine sth.with sth.

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