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different from是和different的固定搭配

◆固定搭配make a difference表示“有影响;起作用”.如:The fact that I can now organize my own time makes a big difference. 现在我能自己安排时间了,这对我有很大的影响.The teacher's words have made a difference. 老师的话已经起

differences between A and B 注意differences是名词

show sb sth.给某人展示某物be different from 和不同的which operates in a totally different way from our own 是定语从句,修饰前面的“a world".翻译:他们向我们展示了一个和我们运转方式完全不同的世界.

be different from 与---不同.固定短语 同时,百different + 名词时,名度词为复数,它的反义词是专same, same后面跟的名词是单数.be same as/with ---- 它的名次形式是属difference

make the bed 铺床 take care of =look after 照顾某人 run out of 用光 would kike to do喜欢=enjoy doing sth=like to do /doing fall in love with喜欢上某人,某物 can't help doing sth情不自禁做某事 prepar to do sth准备做某事 why not to do为什么不做某

in the different具有特指性,如:in the different projects在不同的项目中 in different具有泛指性,没有特指含义 不能说是固定搭配哦 要看具体语境

看情况,如果要用different要先与一个名词结合,可再用the 进行特指.比如说“the different way”.但是如果说, 后面different不进行修饰,那么两个词不能进行直接搭配

一、接不定式(而不接动名词)作宾语的24个常用动词 afford to do sth. 担负得起做某事 agree to do sth. 赞同做某事 arrange to do sth.布置做某事 ask to do sth. 要求做某事 beg to do sth. 恳求做某事 care to do sth. 想要做某事 choose to do sth. 决

是一种固定搭配.A is different from B.A与B不同.

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