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歌词有误,正确是“Everybody, everywhere”,出自歌曲《皇家礼炮》.歌曲:皇家礼炮 歌手:苏仨 作词:苏仨 作曲:苏仨 具体歌词:Hello Mr. DJ Would you play my song Please, please, play it All night long.Hello Mr. DJ On the radio Calling

Crazy Frog-everyone,是这个吗,疯狂小青蛙的

是everybody吧?看看是不是这首:ingrid michaelson - everybody

We've been through days of thunder Some people say they don't belong They try to put us under But can we stand together and a million strong? Let's get on with the show (Let's get started) Turn the lights down low (Turn the lights down low) You

莫非是后街男孩的 EVERYBODY

歌曲: hello hello every one Well there goes my heart again come see me every now and then I've got saints and angels to8-11) What's behind door number one you think that's it but I've just begun well I guess I've got the 994-7) Hello it's God again

歌曲:every body 歌手:backstreet boys 专辑:天籁村 [ti:every body] [ar:backstreet boys] [al:天籁村] 满意请采纳

布兰妮 - 3 1,2,3 not only you and me got one eighty degrees and i'm caught in between countin' 1,2,3 peter, paul & mary gettin' down with everybody loves countin' babe, pick a night to come out and play if it's alright what do you say?

歌曲:everyone 歌手:backstreet boys 是这个么,听听看

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