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tAkE mE to thE sky plAn是啥意思?

(一)、定冠词the的用法 1.特指某(些)人或某(些)物,这是定冠词的基本用法. Beijing is the capital of China.北京是中国的首都. 2.指谈话双方都知道的人或事物. Open the window please.请把窗户打开.(双方都知道指的是哪一扇窗户) 3.指上文已...

me so happy, I was like a bird, flying in the sky, breathing the ...He told us to carry out the plan once we had the idea. What he told...

The first thing to do is to make a planwe lied on the grass and looked upon the blue skyThis girl was very exicting after she went into the cinimas awlay on the table 要做的第一件事是让我们躺在草地上看着蓝色skyThis女孩非常令人...

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