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tAkE mE to thE sky

胡彦斌 宣言英文版 名称Take Me To The Sky

胡彦斌唱的(2004亚洲杯主题歌英文版) i love the sun it makes my heart on fire let me let me flying over the sky i love the rain it makes me feel sorrow make me make me dare to fight dare to love pretty crush on me brightness of lovelove is the life

后街男孩 《larger than life》比生命更重要这个是在高中时候听的,节奏感,我认为还可以.里面有句歌词是:all you people can't you see.跟你说的can't see很像,不过,少个you.这个歌也适合跳舞.

是Take Me To The Sky(2004亚洲杯主题歌英文版)]

Jordan Pruitt Take To The Sky All of your life you've been waiting, Keeping your feet on the ground.So much that you've never seen, It's just been a dream, until now.Everyone knows it's your moment, The magic you need is inside.So go out and

歌名:To The Sky歌手:Owl CityShipwreck in the sea of faces,There's a dreamy world up there,Dear friends in higher places,Carry me away from here,Travel light let the sun eclipse you,'Cause your flight is about to leave,And there's more to this



owl city的To the Sky

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