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whAt s this 改为复数句

what are these? 这些是什么?what are those? 那些是什么?希望能帮到您,望采纳!

What are these? These are pens

What 's this这是什么?变复数:What are these?这些是什么?this变成these,is相应变成are.

1.what are these2.these are arms3.these are feet4.what is this?5.this is a bag6.they are boys

what are they?有不会的可以再问我

可以直接变,就是What are these?is 的复数:are this的复数:these

What are these?is的复数是are,this 的复数是these;that的复数是those,别搞错哦

what're these in English?

把下列的英文句子按要求改(1) This is a cake.(改为复数句) These are cakes.(2) What's that?(改为复数句) What are those? (3) Those are toys.(改为单数句) That is a toy.(4)Is that a map?(作肯定回答) Yes, it is.(5)Are these bikes?(作否定回答) No,they aren't.

转成复数 What are these?

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