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woulD you likE后面跟什么

Would you like是你想要的意思,一般后面加(宾语)+to do something.造句:Would you like some drink?或者Would you like me to cook dinner ?

would like to do sth. 后跟动词不定式 如: would you like to join us?祝你学习进步,更上一层楼,快乐每一天!(*^__^*)

would like 后面跟to do;表示意思是: 想要做某事 没有would like doing的形式 ,would like doing sth是不存在的.例句:1、 I would like to do my homework there.我想在那里做家庭作业.2、What do you think you would like to do?你认为你愿意

1. would like sth e.g I would like a cup of tea. 我想要杯茶.2. would like doing sth e.g I would like going to the book town this afternoon. 下午我想去书城.3. would like to do sth = want to do sth = feel like doing sth .etc hope you can understand. well,You'd better check your English dictionary, if you gonna one.See you.

1、意思不同 would you like的意思是你想要什么?等于Do you want,是表示礼貌的请求、提议或邀请,而不是提出疑问.例句:Would you like something to drink/eat? 你想要喝点/吃点什么吗? do you like意思是你喜欢什么?只是询问.例句:

常用的句型:Would you like +to do sth 表示你想要什么 不用doing/do的,出发后面有个would you like please do sth 这里是please的用法 希望对你有帮助哦~

你好, would you like后跟动词不定式,或跟名词:would you like to do sth 或者would you like sth

would you like后面是加some可数是any不可数

would you like?是表示征求意见希望得到肯定回答的疑问句用some 不用any

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